Creating your question

All contributions are welcome within the specific theme, but need to be phrased in a way that makes it clear what exactly the challenge is – and how academics within different fields can contribute with their expertise.

Questions that are concrete, clear (no abbreviations) and that could be discussed without secrecy works best for the AIMday format. It is also preferable that at least two company representatives join a discussion around the questions in order for a better balance in the workshops.

Here are some examples of questions that companies have submitted in other AIMday events:

Q: Open Data – How do we encourage greater use of open data and how do we consume more of data that is available elsewhere?

Q: How can machine learning be used to design the next drug?

Q: Are any additional considerations necessary to ensure patient privacy when machine learning models are trained on patient data in a federated manner? Which?

Q: What is current state of the art within bioinformatics and the tools used?

Q: How can we promote and drive data ownership within our company?


If you require some assistance to formulate your question please do not hesitate to contact us.