Example Questions

Company questions posed to AIMday will be communicated via the AIMday website to researchers throughout the University allowing them to select the questions they feel they could add most value to, according to their individual expertise. On the day, the company and the researchers then explore the question and aim to identify possible pathways to a solution.

Some examples of possible questions are listed below. Manufacturing for the Future is a diverse topic and so we would encourage companies to submit all of their questions, even if they are quite different from the sample questions below. It is likely that there will be academic expertise capable of responding to them.  Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to explore potential questions with one of the team. 

  • How can synthetic biology be used in my business to improve productivity and reduce waste?
  • Are there alternative and more durable materials that could be used in the construction of wind turbines?
  • How can the cell be used to sustainably produce our raw materials?
  • Can synthetic biology help speed up my product development life cycle?
  • How can robotics help us with maintenance in confined spaces?
  • How can our manufacturing process be made more reliable and reproducible?
  • How can we effectively use data science and analytics to improve production?
  • Is it possible to predict how forging and rolling affect re-crystallisation in steel?