Creating a Question

Questions that are concrete, clear (no abbreviations) and that could be discussed without secrecy, work best for the AIMday format.  It is also recommended that at least two company representatives join a discussion around each of their question(s) in order for a better balance in the workshop.

Here are some examples of questions that were submitted by companies for a previous AIMday with focus on Imaging:

  • Which imaging biomarkers could be developed to diagnose patients with migraine? Can these be combined with other biomarkers?
  • Will detection of oxygen radicals in real time by bioimaging be a useful tool in preclinical and clinical studies of ROS reducing candidate drugs?
  • What will be the key player for molecular imaging for early cancer diagnosis in the future – quantitative or qualitative imaging?
  • Sparse reconstruction of 3D scenes from multi-look Synthetic Aperture Radar
  • Distributed algorithms for TDOA for UAV swarms

A list of questions from previous AIMday events is available here.