List of Questions

Brand X TechnologiesWorkshop language: English
  • 2267

    How should we set up the Data Producers <-> Data Consumer market?

    Ensuring authenticated and secure interfaces, Bonus for solving the problem generally for a distributed set of Ponds serving as the primary access to new data.

  • 2268

    Is there an automated way to find a faulty, or out of calibration sensor amongst a heard of "good ones".

    Bonus for including failing output controls as well (like a leaky valve that still actuates)

Farm Boys DesignWorkshop language: English
  • 2274

    1. How to measure/quantify algal growth in an enclosed environment and closed loop water distribution system using sensors or automated device?

    Detection and measurement of algae in water automatically is essential for us for effective and automated control.

  • 2275

    Can a single or a few sensors that detect plant nutrients effectively represent/predict good plant uptake and overall health. If so, which?

    We are looking at streamlining or optimizing various sensors that detect nutrient concentration in water (such as nitrogen, potassium, iron, etc.), sufficient for effective monitoring. Is it possible to develop a device that could monitor the necessary nutrients (as one and not individually)?

Federated Co-operatives LimitedWorkshop language: English
  • 2273

    How can IoT help a tradional bricks and mortar food retail store compete with the likes of Amazon Go?

    Amazon Go is a new kind of store with no checkout required. Amazon has the world’s most advanced shopping technology so you never have to wait in line. With our Just Walk Out Shopping experience, simply use the Amazon Go app to enter the store, take the products you want, and go! No lines, no checkout.

Industrial Machine and Manufacturing Inc.Workshop language: English
  • 2247

    What are the risks of the IoT and controls are possible to mitigate.

Intelliconn Communication SolutionsWorkshop language: English
  • 2250

    IOT in the field how to overcome obstacles / topography


ISM CanadaWorkshop language: English
  • 2263

    How could encryption be added to the data protocol layer (MQTT) to prevent data tampering in transition?

    Context: The network or communication pathways are secure, but the data going across in the MQTT message is not secure. Securing that will add another layer of protection to the data.

  • 2264

    What would a light weight security suite look like for edge computing and what threat vectors exist within current IoT devices?

    Context: IoT devices are small, they do not have a lot of memory and storage, these resources are valuable and a security platform needs to be light weight enough to not over consume these resources.

  • 2265

    Edge computing is moving forward. How do you properly secure “east / west” communications between IoT devices?

    Context: In a corporate environment a small IoT device is what could be compromised and used to gain access to the rest of a corporations assets and data etc.)

  • 2266

    What should a Data Governance model look like for an IoT device that generates data?

    Context: We know how to govern data in a data warehouse and a data centre but we don't know how to govern this data within an IoT device.

KeyLeafWorkshop language: English
  • 2276

    How we can Improve/optimize production processes with real-time data analytics?

    1. Data storage from a steady-state production line 2. Processing of data from a steady-state production line 3. Trouble shooting and monitoring process lines remotely