Programme for 26 September

Venue: Uppsala konsert och kongress (UKK)

14.00 Connecting the dots, advanced materials in a national perspective

14.20  From strategic innovation to business – SIO Grafen

14.40  Dressed for Success – EU Support office gives the best hints on what makes an H2020 application successful

15.00  Coffee break

15.30  Nano Now – TED-inspired presentations from the AIM day scientists on what is going on in the lab today

16.30  ProNano – when it comes to nano production

16.45  Myfab – a national materials arena

17.00  AIM Day Crash course, what will happen tomorrow?

17.15  Reception, Poster session

27 September 2017: Ångström Laboratory Uppsala University

9.00-12.00  ca AIMday Nano 2017

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