Welcome to AIMday Product Improvement

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Welcome to AIMday Product Improvement held by the University of Edinburgh. We look forward to welcoming companies and academic researchers to this event on 14 June 2018 for joint discussions on challenges related to product improvement.

Academic Industry Meeting day, or AIMday, is a free one-day event centered around workshops whereby company questions are submitted around a central theme and then discussed with academics from across the University disciplines in an effort to find pathways to solutions.

At AIMday Product Improvement, we will seek to help companies improve product performance, reduce failure and consider more innovative approaches using biological materials.

Product performance is reliant upon the structure and function of a mixture of ingredients, which need to combine to create a product that can be processed reliably, has a good shelf-life and delivers benefits to the consumer. Innovation is occurring in the use of biological materials, rather than petrochemical derivatives, in formulations and composites.

In the past, products have been developed empirically and new ingredients have been added to formulations over the years. Such formulations can be highly sensitive to changes in suppliers and environmental conditions during processing. Wastage from product failure presents a significant financial and environmental cost.

Nowadays, computer simulations offer a more predictive approach to explore interactions between components including surfactants, particles, emulsions, liquid crystals, polymers, proteins and live micro-organisms (for ‘live, adaptive formulations’). This is a powerful approach when guided by experiments, performed with advanced measurement tools, to inform the models.

Companies and organisations are invited to submit questions up until  27 April 2018  via the  Registration for Organisations page.  We welcome up to three (3) questions per organisation. Each question will form the basis of a one-hour workshop.

Please note that your questions will be published on this website.

For any queries or if you need help formulating your questions, please contact the team  at  Edinburgh.Innovations@ed.ac.uk.