Welcome to AIMday Robotics in Healthcare

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Welcome to AIMday Robotics in Healthcare held by the University of Edinburgh on 22 May 2018. The event is designed to bring together multi-disciplinary researchers and commercial organisations and users within the area of robotics in the healthcare sector.

AIMday is a free one-day event comprised of multiple one-hour workshops based on challenges put forward by companies.

The emergence of robotics is transforming industries around the world. Robot technologies are evolving exponentially, particularly as they converge with other functionalities such as AI to learn from their environment, from each other, and from humans.

There is now also increasing automation of healthcare services, where robots have begun to solve individual aspects of human performance such as precision (e.g. surgical robots), logistic/mechanical tasks that do not require complex cognitive human input (e.g. service robots), and complex cognitive tasks (e.g. rehabilitation robots).

AIMday Robotics in Healthcare seeks to help industry and the healthcare sector to identify existing technical, sociotechnical, organisational, and regulatory challenges that may be hampering progress and to find approaches to potential solutions.

We welcome challenges from innovators, businesses, designers, NHS staff, and policy makers.

Companies and organisations are invited to submit up to three (3) questions up until 18 April 2018 by visiting the Registration for Organisations section.

Kindly note that questions submitted  will be published on this website.

Each question will form the basis for a one-hour workshop. To ensure your workshop(s) are successful, we ask that at least two company representatives who are familiar with the question posed are available to participate.

For any queries or if you need help formulating your questions, please contact the team  at  Edinburgh.Innovations@ed.ac.uk.