Creating a Question

Company questions posed to  AIMday  Robotics in Healthcare will be communicated via this  website to academics and researchers throughout the University of Edinburgh allowing them to select the  questions they feel they could add most value to according to their individual expertise.

On the day, company representatives and academic researchers then explore the questions in 1-hour workshops and aim to identify possible pathways to a solution. 1 question = 1 workshop.

When phrasing your question(s), please ensure that they are concrete and clear (no abbreviations) and that they can be discussed without secrecy. This style of questions work best for the AIMday format.  We also recommend that at least two company representatives are available to join the discussion of each of their question(s) in order to have a better balance in the session.

Example sociotechnical challenges may be around negative perceptions of robots amongst healthcare professionals, reconfiguration of roles and responsibilities, and new ethical and legal challenges resulting from new technologies.

We would welcome your submission of a challenge for this day.

Example challenges may include:

  • Robots may face a new and complex task in relation to social care practices. What are the modes of help and experience they can get from other agents, robots, or human?
  • Robots integration into support packages are a challenge. What tasks are best supported by robots? (Financially, technically, socially)
  • The appearance of robots and associated expectations are a big concerns; How can they be enhanced?
  • How do you develop low-cost robots (devices) to benefit NHS? Are miniaturised robots a solution?
  • What forms of shared autonomy between surgeon and robot are possible?
  • What are the challenges of making healthcare robotics as a part of the broader national strategy to meet the needs of elderly population?
  • There is no clear pull from professionals and patients. How can we enhance this situation?

The challenges can be around different types of robots used in various settings such as surgical robots, devices used in pharmacy practices, and robots for social care.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to explore potential questions with one of the team at .