How it works

Step 1: Submission of questions from organizations
Organizations are invited to submit their issues formulated as one or more questions. The organizations are also recommended to add background information related to the question.

The question is submitted to the meeting in advance. Submitting at least one question is the entrance ticket for organisations.

Step 2: Researchers signing up for questions
The questions from organizations are gathered and presented to researchers from different disciplines. Thereafter the researchers announce which questions they have a special interest in, and which they would like to take part in discussing.

Step 3: Matchmaking and formation of groups
The organizer does the logistics for a schedule based on the interest and availability of researchers. The schedule optimizes participation and efficiency during the day for all attendees, and ensures a multidisciplinary constellation of each discussion group. If not enough researchers have registered for a specific question, the organizer actively tries to identify appropriate researchers to tailor the discussion group, and if fruitless, the organization will be informed that the university does not have the specific competences needed.

Step 4: The Meeting Day
Every question is discussed for one hour, no more – no less, and the size of the group is approximately 7-12 people. Time is also allocated in the program for participants to mingle with each other, or to follow up on the discussion in the groups.

Step 5: Follow-Up
About a month after each AIMday event, the organizer follow up on the meetings and if necessary offers assistance to get projects or other forms of collaborations going.