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Augmenting Human Intelligence

The AIMDay concept will be used at WING Day on September 20th as a way for company representatives to meet WASP’s researchers and doctoral students and identify common research issues based on companies’ challenges. The full program for WING Day is published on the WASP conference page.

On this web portal companies can advertise their challenges posed as a questions, and researchers and doctoral students in turn can register and be matched in a schedule for group discussions throughout the day. Please note that the questions that you register here are public. Read more about the matching process.

The theme of the conference is “Augmenting Human Intelligence”, exploring how autonomous systems, AI and software augment different aspects of human intelligence and capabilities – from the cognitive to the physical in mixed domains.

Four different aspects will serve to highlight the human and societal interplay within the current technological shift:

  • Ethical, Legal and Moral Aspects
  • Understanding the System Limitations
  • Improving Capabilities through Human-Machine Synergies
  • Embedding Intelligence between Systems

Contact WASP Program Office for questions.