Welcome to U-CAN Day with AIMday Cancer

Welcome to U-CAN Day on May 15th 2014!
Learn how your projects can benefit from gaining access to the samples and data in the unique U-CAN biobank.

Since 2010 U-CAN has been collecting standardised data, tumour and blood samples and biomolecules from cancer patients. U-CAN offers academics and companies research collaborations covering longitudinal information and biobanked material.

The U-CAN Day will focus on three diagnosis groups – colorectal cancer, brain tumours and haematological cancers.

Two meetings in one day
The first part of the meeting will discuss general aspects (legal, ethical etc.) of gaining access to data and material, together with a workshop session where questions from academic scientists on the data and material will be discussed.

The second part of the meeting will be an AIMday event – where specific questions from companies will be discussed in smaller parallel workshop groups with academic scientists having the relevant skills and knowledge.

U-CAN Day is organised by U-CAN in collaboration with UU Innovation.

Registration for U-CAN Day is free of charge.

Welcome to explore the world of U-CAN!