Expertise at University of Edinburgh  

The University has a wide breadth of circular economy research and innovation expertise across the physical, natural and social sciences, engineering, art & humanities. We have an excellent track record in providing end-to-end innovation support for companies and other organisations to play their role in the transition to a circular economy.  

Visit the Circular Economy Centre web page to learn more. 

Some examples of our expertise are listed below. 

Rethinking products and materials for a circular world

Explore alternative products and materials which enable circularity, including design for durability, reuse, repair and disassembly. Investigate novel feedstocks and circular biotechnology, as well as how to unlock material value from waste through urban mining. You can also explore the role of data and digital technology in circular design, through product, service and system innovation.  

  • Design Informatics
  • Centre for Synthetic and Systems Biology 
  • Institute for Materials and Processes 

Circular infrastructure and energy

Investigate how to enable a circular economy through advanced manufacturing, circular construction and sustainable architecture. Access our strong track record of research into alternative energy systems and low-carbon energy, in addition to carbon capture, storage and sequestration.  

  • Edinburgh Climate Change Institute  
  • Centre for Future Infrastructure 
  • Institute for Energy Systems 
  • Energy, Environmental and Sustainable Chemistry 
  • Energy and Society Network 

Circular business models, finance and policy

Explore how to support the transition to a circular economy through business model innovation, sustainable finance, responsible innovation and underlying policy changes. This includes explorations of how to unleash climate-tech investment, social entrepreneurship and behaviour change.  

  • Centre for Business, Climate Change and Sustainability 
  • Science, Technology and Innovation Studies: Energy, Environment and Sustainability  
  • Innogen Institute: Innovation-environment interactions 

Circular food systems and natural regeneration

Investigate how to create circular food systems, for example through alternative proteins and networked economies. Our research also covers sustainable agri-tech, natural regeneration, land management and resource economics. 

  • Global Academy for Agriculture and Food Security 
  • Centre for Forests and Sustainable Landscapes 
  • UK Biochar Research Centre 

Human health and well-being

Understand the links between pollution and health, exploring alternative economic models such as the well-being economy and post-growth economics. Discover our strengths from across the University, and in working with global partners, to understand and deliver solutions to health in a warming world.  

  • One Health 
  • Edinburgh Futures Institute 
  • Edinburgh Earth Initiative.