How to prepare

For companies:

  • Think carefully of a question.  Remember that you will be leading the discussion, so you should have some existing knowledge in this area.  The question should simply act as a starting point for discussion and a good way of connecting people – we don’t expect the questions to be answered in one hour!
  • Prepare a presentation – this should be 10-15 minutes to introduce your challenge at the start of your workshop.  You may want to include some information on your company give some background information on the challenge.  Remember that there will be different levels of expertise in the room.
  • You will be leading the session, so please be prepared to discuss the question in some depth.  You may event want to include some follow-up questions and topics for discussion.

For academics:

  • While there is no formal preparation required for the workshops, please do come prepared to discuss and debate the challenges raised by industry.
  • At the beginning of each meeting, you will get the chance to introduce yourself and explain how your research is relevant to the discussion.
  • Please also remember that the discussions are non-confidential.