Creating your questions

Company questions posed to AIMday Manufacturing will be communicated via this website to academics and researchers throughout the University of Edinburgh, allowing them to select the questions they feel they can add most value to according to their individual expertise.

When phrasing your question(s), please ensure that they are concrete and clear (with no abbreviations) and that they can be discussed openly. This style of questions work best for the AIMday format.

It helps to add context and background to your question(s), so that it is clear what exactly your challenge is and how our academics could potentially help find the solution.

We also recommend that at least two company representatives are available to join the discussion of each your questions in order to have a better balance in the session. The company representatives should be well versed in the topic of the question(s) submitted and be prepared to provide further context and background.

We welcome up to three questions from each participating company or organisation.

Some examples of possible questions are listed below. You are welcome to contact us if you need help phrasing an appropriate question.

  • How can synthetic biology be used in my business to improve productivity and reduce waste?
  • Are there alternative and more durable materials that could be used in the construction of wind turbines?
  • How can the cell be used to sustainably produce our raw materials?
  • Can synthetic biology help speed up my product development life cycle?
  • How can robotics help us with maintenance in confined spaces?
  • How can our manufacturing process be made more reliable and reproducible?
  • How can we effectively use data science and analytics to improve production?
  • Is it possible to predict how forging and rolling affect re-crystallisation in steel?