Examples of question

At AIMday®Materials you and your company have the unique opportunity to discuss your specific issues with university specialists in the field of materials science.

About the questions

Questions that are concrete, clear (no abbreviations) and that could be discussed without secrecy works best for the AIMday format. We also recommend that your questions are interesting for some of your colleagues. It is also preferable that at least two of you want to join a discussion around the questions since this gives a better balance in the workshop and allows you time to take notes.

Here are some examples of questions.

  • How can formation of kappa-phase during growth of Al2O3 on TiCN/TiN be predicted?
  • How can corrosion properties of extruders for polymers be improved without significant reduction in wear resistance?
  • How does grain size influence on the corrosion behavior of Cu-alloys?
  • How much energy can we save in new and old buildings by modern window technology and how does it affect indoor comfort?
  • What elements are potential candidates to replace Cd in thin film solar cells?
  • Liquid Lead (LL) is predicted to be a cooling media in future nuclear reactors – can corrosion/wear behavior between LL and other solid metals be simulated?
  • What material parameters for stainless steel determines the adhesion to other materials?
  • Can construction metals be covered with a wear resistant polymer (?) for marine applications?
  • Are there any options to ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) as a transparent conducting layer in the visible range?