plastic_polymer_granules_RGBMaterials make up everything we can touch, and some things we can’t. They exist in gas, liquid or solid form, they move in many different ways, they can work together or independently depending on the function and their behaviour can be predicted and modelled.

The University of Edinburgh is at the cutting edge of developing new materials that improve our world from green alternatives to existing materials, to high value materials that provide novel properties.

We have vast experience and facilities available to characterise the properties of materials including rheology and flow. We are also capable of applying great temperatures and pressures to study these effects on matter.

• If you’re interested in particulates, bulk solids or fluids
• If you are looking for sustainable alternatives
• If you want a novel magnetic, electronic, optical effect
• From nanotechnology to geological deposits

The University of Edinburgh has materials expertise and facilities to help answer your questions.