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Ceryx MedicalWorkshop language: English
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    What are the best and least invasive methods or materials for reading the raw electrical signals of the nervous system, chronically?

    Any discussion with material scientists, bioengineers would be welcome. Beyond this: colleagues with interest in neuroscience and brain-computer interfaces.

Hobbs RehabilitationWorkshop language: English
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    Research suggests that the rehabilitation of neurological patients with conditions such as stroke, or other aquired brain injury is blocked by inadequate dosage of treatment. Researchers and developers are succeeding in bringing clinical rehabilitation technologies to market, including exoskeletons, sensor based rehabilitation systems and electrical stimulation devices. There is however limited uptake into clinical practice. The neuro population is heterogenous, patient impairments are multiple and complex, the clinical services are poorly resourced and there is limited evidence of cost effectiveness of specific treatments. In the light of the above can advanced technologies really solve the problems of sub clinical dosage of intervention in neuro rehabilitation? If so what needs to be done to enable this to become a reality in clinical practice This is the basis for Hobbs Rehabilitation developing the MINT concept.

Immersive RehabWorkshop language: English
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    I would be very interested to discuss optimal clinical validation of neurotechnology solutions.

    I would be very interested to discuss optimal clinical validation of neurotechnology solutions.

NeuroCreateWorkshop language: English
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    What are the cutting edge real-time deep learning classification methodologies on EEG data and within neurotechnology?

    New analysis methods for neurofeedback

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    What trusted methodologies are there to corroborate other biosensor and digital data with brain data?

    Brain-sensing wearables have a barrier to entry for consumers to use with products as not many like to wear something on their head (that arent socially acceptable headphones). Also you dont want dependancy on these wearables for your product to work.

PharmaVenturesWorkshop language: English
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    Combining device with drugs

    How do you feel the use of implants that will be surgically inserted into patients' brains that will deliver the drug that maybe disease modifying to neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's. Is this considered too invasive?