Welcome to AIMday Respiratory Disease

Welcome to AIMday Respiratory Disease 2017, hosted by Uppsala University, in collaboration with Uppsala BIO.

We look forward to welcoming companies, clinicians and academic researchers to this event on November 22, 2017, for joint discussions on the challenges related to optimal treatment of patients with respiratory diseases. The meeting will cover chronic respiratory diseases, i.e. asthma and COPD, and address industry’s challenges in relation to biomarkers and diagnostics as well as monitoring and treatment.

This AIMday is organised as part of the celebration of the 50-year anniversary of the development of the RAST-method for asthma diagnosis. The celebration is continued in the evening with a BIO-PUB at Thermo Fisher Scientific in Uppsala Business Park. Registration to the BIO-PUB is made separately from AIMday Respiratory Disease. Go to Uppsala BIO for more info.

Photo Mikael Wallerstedt

Academic Industry Meeting day, or AIMday, is centered around workshops whereby company questions are submitted around a central theme which are then discussed by academics from across the University disciplines.

  • Each question or challenge submitted by a company is tackled by a group of academics, with the aim of finding a pathway to a solution.
  • One question, one hour, a group of academic experts – the AIMday format is unique.
  • Registration for companies : September 7 – October 12. Register your attendance by submitting a question on the registration page.
  • Registration for academic scientists: October 16 – November 20. Register your attendance by signing up for questions of interest to you on the registration page.
  • Registration for all participants is free of charge.
  • Read more about how AIMday works

AIMday Respiratory Disease will be held at Uppsala University Innovation (UU Innovation) in Uppsala Science Park. UU Innovation facilitates innovation by collaboration between Uppsala University researchers and industry.



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