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Argent EnergyWorkshop language: English
  • 1462

    We aim to be a zero-waste site however in our recycled water there remains a low-level of methanol. Whilst the methanol level will be low we would like to completely recover this and remove completely.

    Current levels would be low percent (1-2 to 0.1% approx.). We use significant levels of water throughout the process and this can go up to 10-12% recycled water per day. This is part of our biodiesel process.

  • 1463

    We would like to measure the levels of acrolein in one of our unit operations. Levels can vary from low percent to ppm.

    Acrolein is being produced in a glycerol + fatty acid reaction. We would like to have an on-line and ‘bench’ quantification. We would also be interested in its removal from biodiesel using a separation technique. We are also interested in measuring levels of acrolein in water also.

DB Group (Europe) LtdWorkshop language: English
  • 1383

    How can we improve efficiency of our transmission network such that the ever-rising non-commodity costs associated with physical supply can be reduced?

    Even as NBP drops, energy costs are rising for businesses due to increase in govt taxes and transmission charges which ultimately are past to the customer; FiTs, CCL, Triads etc

  • 1384

    What is the expected impact Brexit will have on future power export preference to EU block countries over the UK, particularly where French Nuclear power is concerned, and what are our contingency measures to guarantee supply?

    Winter 16 saw a massive surge in power prices during closure of 7 nuclear power stations in France, meaning supply availability to UK was greatly stretched. How will UK economy compete to prevent disruption to the supply when it is expected that tariffs to buy and sell with the Block will greatly surge?

i-Tech Services / Subsea 7Workshop language: English
  • 1453

    Screening NDT for subsea deployment

    Looking for a fast screening NDT method for ROV deployment that can operate at fast speeds (minimum 500m per hour), options to monitor and provide status of cathodic protection levels

  • 1454

    Screening technique for wax build up and hydrate detection

    Looking for a fast screening method for ROV deployment that can operate at fast speeds (minimum 500m per hour), that is able to detect and locate hydrates and wax deposits within subsea lines. Main focus is to detect blockages or areas of near blockage

Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell AssociationWorkshop language: English
  • 1457

    Does hydrogen have a specific role in delivering the low carbon energy system at least cost?

  • 1458

    Could hydrogen be the optimum vector for low carbon heat in ‘hard to treat’ buildings?

  • 1460

    What options are viable for very large geologic scale storage of hydrogen (seasonal energy storage)?

  • 1461

    Can low carbon distributed generation avoid need for significant transmission and local grid reinforcement?