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AIMday Machine Learning in Life Science and Medicine

Navet, BMC, Uppsala 2018-05-31

Welcome to AIMday Machine learning, in which systems automatically learn (complex) patterns in data, and improve from experience, is becoming an indispensable tool in life science and medicine.

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AIMday Product Improvement

Edinburgh 2018-06-14

Welcome to AIMday Product Improvement. We look forward to welcoming companies and academic researchers to this event for joint discussions on challenges related to product improvement to seek to help companies improve product performance, reduce failure and consider more innovative approaches using biological materials.

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AIMday Energy

Edinburgh 2018-06-27

For the second year running, the University of Edinburgh will be hosting AIMday Energy. We look forward to welcoming organisations working within the energy sector or who have an interest in working in the sector along with academics from a variety of disciplines to address industry challenges relating to the energy theme.

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Save the date

AIMday Sustainable Cities 2018 Uppsala universitet October 23, 2018
AIMday Materials 2018 Uppsala universitet October 25, 2018
New AIMday events are currently being planned and will be posted here as soon as dates are set.

It is exact. It is exciting. It is AIMday.


AIMday gives organizations access to academic specialists who can contribute in solving their specific issues. Academic scientists gain valuable insights into what kind of issues companies are struggling with and how these issues relate to their own research.
In short, there are only winners among attendees on AIMday events.