Upcoming Events

AIMday Big Data, AI and the One Health Agenda 2018

Belfast 2018-10-19

We look forward to welcoming companies/public organisations together with Queen’s academic researchers for joint discussions on challenges in big data, machine learning, and AI in healthcare and health preservation.

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AIMday Sustainable Cities 2018

Uppsala 2018-10-23

Welcome to the first AIMday Sustainable Cities! We want to bring academic researchers, public, non-profit organisations and industry representatives, all interested in sustainability, closer. The goal is to identify new interests, challenges and initiate new projects in the field of sustainable development related to the cities we live in.

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AIMday Materials 2018

Uppsala 2018-10-25

For the eleventh year running we arrange AIMday Materials to bring together academic researchers and industry representatives in the field of materials science. We hope that this year’s event will attract both new and former participants, and be just as successful in bringing understanding and new perspectives to industrial problems.

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AIMday AgTech 2018

University of Saskatchewan 2018-10-31

Welcome to AIMday AgTech 2018, the  fourth AIMday being organized in North America. We look forward to welcoming companies, organizations and academic researchers to this event on to discuss specific industry challenges in the AgTech research space.

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AIMday Utbildning Lärande Forskning 2018

Uppsala 2017-11-09

För första gången genomförs AIMday Utveckling Lärande Forskning där representanter från skolan och förskolan möter forskare för att diskutera verksamhetsspecifika frågor. Evenemanget är öppet för deltagare i regeringsuppdraget ULF.

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AIMday USP Biomedicine 2018

São Paulo 2018-11-13

Welcome to AIMday USP Biomedicine! We look forward to bring together companies/organizations and researchers to discuss important and innovative topics in therapeutic methods and procedures, including pharmaceutical drugs.

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AIMday Cancer 2018

Uppsala 2018-11-14

We welcome academia, health care and companies to come together at AIMday Cancer and discuss new approaches and solutions for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care.

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AIMday Demokrati 2018

Umeå 2018-11-20

Vi välkomnar myndigheter, civilsamhälle, akademi och näringsliv till Umeå universitet för att knyta kontakter samt utbyta kunskaper och erfarenheter om frågeställningar på tema Demokrati.

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AIMday Fintech 2018

Edinburgh 2018-11-28

The University of Edinburgh will be hosting AIMday Fintech on Wednesday 28 November 2018. We look forward to welcoming companies and organisations to discuss your challenges related to financial technologies and innovation in financial services with academics from across the University.

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New AIMday events are currently being planned and will be posted here as soon as dates are set.

AIMday gives organizations access to academic specialists who can contribute in solving their specific issues. Academic scientists gain valuable insights into what kind of issues companies are struggling with and how these issues relate to their own research.
In short, there are only winners among attendees on AIMday events.