Upcoming Events

AIMday Hearing and Acoustics 2019

Cambridge 2019-05-13

The University of Cambridge will host its first AIMday Hearing and Acoustics on Monday 13th May 2019. We look forward to welcoming companies to discuss challenges around hearing and acoustics with academics from the university.

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AIMday Data Edinburgh 2019

Edinburgh 2019-05-29

The University of Edinburgh will host AIMday Data on Wednesday 29 May 2019 and we look forward to welcoming companies and organisations looking to harness the power of data.  

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AIMday Diabetes 2019

Uppsala 2019-06-05

Welcome to AIMday Diabetes, aiming to bring together academic scientists, clinicians and company representatives for discussions on new collaborative approaches and solutions to tackle the diabetes.

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AIMday AI for Biotechnology 2019

Newcastle 2019-06-27

We look forward to welcoming companies, organizations and academic researchers to this event on June 27, 2019 at Newcastle University to discuss specific industry challenges related to the development and adoption of AI technologies for enhanced decision making in Biotechnology.

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AIMday Antimicrobial Resistance 2019

Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford 2019-07-04

The University of Oxford, together with the NIHR Community Healthcare MIC, will be hosting an AIMday in Antimicrobial Resistance on Thursday 4 July 2019. We look forward to welcoming companies to discuss your challenges related to antimicrobial resistance with academics from across the university

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AIMday Utveckling Lärande Forskning

Uppsala 2019-09-12

Inom ramen för ULF försöksverksamhet genomförs AIMday Utveckling Lärande Forskning där representanter från skolan och förskolan möter forskare för att diskutera verksamhetsspecifika frågor. Evenemanget är öppet för deltagare i Uppsala-noden

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AIMday framtidens arbetsmarknad och kompetensförsörjning

Umeå 2019-10-22

I slutet av oktober är organisationer, företag och forskare varmt välkomna att diskutera såväl utmaningar som möjligheter kopplade till den förändring som pågår inom arbetsmarknaden, arbetslivet och vilken kompetens som efterfrågas.

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Save the date

AIMday Utveckling Lärande Forskning 2019 Uppsala universitet September 12, 2019
AIMday Sustainable Cities 2019 Uppsala universitet October 23, 2019
AIMday Materials 2019 Uppsala universitet October 24, 2019
AIMday Big Science 2019 Uppsala universitet, organised in Lund November 13, 2019
New AIMday events are currently being planned and will be posted here as soon as dates are set.

AIMday gives organizations access to academic specialists who can contribute in solving their specific issues. Academic scientists gain valuable insights into what kind of issues companies are struggling with and how these issues relate to their own research.

In short, there are only winners among attendees on AIMday events.