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AIMday Smart Industries Belo Horizonte 2016

Belo Horizonte 2016-05-19

We look forward to welcoming companies, organisations and academic researchers to discuss specific industry challenges in Smart Industries.

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AIMday Digital Health Oxford 2016

University of Oxford Mathematical Institute 2016-06-20

Oxford's first AIMday will be on 20th June at the University's Mathematical Institute. This AIMday is focussed at engaging with industry to learn about how we can help solve problems in eHealthcare and Big Data.

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AIMday Diabetes 2016

Malmö 2016-09-26

We have the pleasure of inviting you to AIMday Diabetes to bring academic scientists, clinicians, and company representatives together for discussions around improved prevention, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of diabetes, including risk factors and associated complications.

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AIMday Math in Industry 2016

Uppsala 2016-09-21

We welcome you to the first AIMday Math in Indystry, focused on engaging with industry to help solve problems with mathematical components, including pure mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, numerical analysis, system technology, automation and control, image analysis, machine learning and data analysis, optimization, simulation and modeling, data visualization and more.

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Save the date

AIMday Materials 2016 Uppsala University October 20, 2016
AIMday Kulturarv 2016 Uppsala universitet November 10, 2016
AIMday Anti-infective Medicine & Diagnostics 2016 Uppsala University November 24, 2016

It is exact. It is exciting. It is AIMday.


AIMday gives organizations access to academic specialists who can contribute in solving their specific issues. Academic scientists gain valuable insights into what kind of issues companies are struggling with and how these issues relate to their own research.
In short, there are only winners among attendees on AIMday events.