Creating a Question

Company questions posed to AIMday Energy will be communicated via this website to academics and researchers throughout the University of Edinburgh allowing them to select the questions they feel they could add most value to according to their individual expertise.

When phrasing your question(s), please ensure that they are concrete and clear (no abbreviations) and that they can be discussed without secrecy. This style of questions work best for the AIMday format.

We also recommend that at least two company representatives are available to join the discussion of each of their question(s) in order to have a better balance in the session.

Some examples of possible questions are listed below. Energy is a diverse topic and so we would encourage you to submit all of your questions, even if they are quite different from the sample questions below. It is likely that there will be academic expertise capable of responding to them.

  • How do we create a more sustainable energy system while maintaining efficiency?
  • Are there alternative and more durable materials that could be used in the construction of wind turbines?
  • How can robotics help us with maintenance in confined spaces?
  • How can we improve efficiency of our transmission network such that the ever-rising non-commodity costs associated with physical supply can be reduced?
  • How can we effectively use data science and analytics to improve production?
  • Could hydrogen be the optimum vector for low carbon heat in ‘hard to treat’ buildings?
  • What are the key environmental impact considerations in offshore decommissioning and removal of assets?
  • What are the health and safety considerations on a multi-lingual offshore platform?
  • Can low carbon distributed generation avoid need for significant transmission and local grid reinforcement?
  • How can we extend the life of pipelines and offshore structures?