Welcome to AIMday Industrial Digitalization

Welcome to Uppsala University and Ångström Laboratory on 22 November 2017!

AIMday Industrial Digitalization aims to contribute to a deeper understanding and discuss new perspectives of the future of  industry. We would like to gather companies that are new to Uppsala University, as well as former and current collaboration partners.

The Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University is active in many research areas relevant to digitalization of industrial systems. For example, research is carried out in IoT, mobile networks, sensor systems, optimization, signal processing, control theory, machine learning, information system security, cyber security, image analysis, human computer interaction and methods and software for simulation and management of large data sets.

Registration for companies is now open and will close October 6.

Registration for academic scientists will open October 10 and close October 27.

Registration for all participants is free of charge.

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AIMday Industrial Digitalization is arranged by Uppsala University, Department of Information Technology and UU Innovation.

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