Creating a Question

Company questions posed to  AIMday Product Improvement  will be communicated via this website to academics and researchers throughout the University of Edinburgh allowing them to select the  questions they feel they could add most value to according to their individual expertise.

Questions that are concrete and clear (no abbreviations) and that could be discussed without secrecy work best for the AIMday format. Each question submitted will form the basis for a 1-hour workshop.

Some examples of possible questions are listed below. Product Improvement is a diverse topic and  we would encourage you to submit up to three (3) questions – even if they are quite different from the sample questions below. It is likely that there will be academic expertise capable of responding to them.

  • Can modelling predict the behaviour of my formulation under extreme conditions? 
  • How can we identify suitable replacements for undesirable, but essential compounds in our formulation? 
  • How can high performance computing help optimise our manufacturing process? 
  • Can we predict the onset of shear thickening in new formulations? 
  • Can an in silico screening process speed up our development process? 
  • How can we go towards virtual manufacturing as a first step in product development? 

For assistance on creating your questions, please reach out to the team at