Welcome to AIMday Sustainable Cities

We welcome you to Hubben at Uppsala Science Park, on 23 October 2018

For the first time in history, the majority of people live in cities, and the urban population continues to grow. This has created a great need for more efficient, sustainable, and smart city solutions, which can be  brought up by creative collaborations between academia, public and private sector.

AIMday for Sustainable Cities has the aim to bring academic researchers, public, non profit organisations and industry representatives, all interested in sustainability, closer.

The goal is to identify new interests/challenges and initiate new projects in the field of sustainable development related to the cities we live in.


The AIMday for Sustainable Cities will focus on four main thematic areas which are:

  • Enviro Technical Sustainability such as: materials, energy, environment, digitalisation, Internet of Things, buildings and infrastructure, safety.
  • Social Sustainability such as: integration, equality, safety, security, well-being, habits, unemployment, health, accommodation, working environment, lack of education poverty, urban sociology.
  • Systemic Sustainability such as: behavioral change, climate change, sustainable growth, sustainable business models (ownership, circular, shared economy models), resource efficiency, recycling, city planning.
  • Interdisciplinary projects crossing over the thematic areas above.

Over the day will be explained existing co-financial opportunities to be provided by Uppsala University and other actors!

The number of participants will be limited, therefore feel free to register your interest already now!

Registration for companies and organisations is open and closes on 13 September 2018.

Registration for academic scientists will open on 16 September and closes on 10 October. Scientists interested in joining and securing a place already now, please send a short email with your name and field of interest at: harris.stamatopoulos@uuinnovation.uu.se

Registration for all participants is free of charge – fika and lunch included.

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AIMday Sustainable Cities is arranged by Uppsala University Innovation.

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