Upcoming Events

AIMday Bio-Solutions


The University of Edinburgh will host AIMday Bio-Solutions on Tuesday 16 June 2020. We look forward to welcoming companies from across industries to discuss challenges around biotechnology with academics and researchers from the University.

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AIMday Immunotherapy

Cambridge 30 June 2020

The University of Cambridge will host its second AIMday Immunotherapy on Tuesday 30 June 2020. We look forward to welcoming companies to discuss challenges around Immunotherapy with academics and researchers from the University.

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AIMday Microbiome

Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford 1 July 2020

The University of Oxford will be hosting AIMday Microbiome on Thursday 1 July 2020. We look forward to welcoming companies to discuss your challenges related to the microbiome with academics from across the university.  

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AIMday Manufacturing

Edinburgh 25 March 2020

In line with University of Edinburgh guidance, with regret AIMday Manufacturing planned for 25 March has been postponed, as the Covid-19 situation continues to develop. Details about re-scheduling will become available as soon as possible. Thank you to everyone for setting aside time to participate in the AIMday.

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AIMday Blå uke


This event has been Postponed. Velkommen til AIMday «Blå Uke» med tema «plast i havet», som også er den første AIMday konferansen i Norge. Vi ser fram til en dag der vi sammen med forskere fra ulike fagdisipliner diskuterer utfordringer som nærings- og samfunnsliv har med plast i havet, og hvordan vi kan bidra til å løse utfordringene.  

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AIMday Neurotechnology

Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford

This event has been Postponed. Due to the unfolding situation with the current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Oxford AIMday organisers have taken the difficult decision to postpone the AIMday in Neurotechnology planned for 26 March. Details about our plans for rescheduling the AIMday later in the year will be available soon. Thank you to everyone who had set aside time to attend the meeting.

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AIMday Plant Proteins

University of Saskatchewan

AIMday Plant Proteins 2020 has been Postponed – Stay tuned for a new date in Fall 2020. The University of Saskatchewan is organizing its 6th AIMday. Industry and academic researchers will discuss R&D challenges within the “Plant Proteins” research space.

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AIMday Detection and Diagnostics


Postponed indefinitely due to Covid-19 situation. Join us at AIMday Detection and Diagnostics where academics discuss the transformation and translation of innovation in drug detection and disease diagnostics to help create effective and innovative treatments for patients.

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Save the date

AIMday Materials 2020 Uppsala University 22 October 2020
New AIMday events are currently being planned and will be posted here as soon as dates are set.

AIMday gives organizations access to academic specialists who can contribute in solving their specific issues. Academic scientists gain valuable insights into what kind of issues companies are struggling with and how these issues relate to their own research.

In short, there are only winners among attendees on AIMday events.