Welcome to AIMday Wireless

Why AIMday® Wireless?

Sweden has a strong track record in mobile technology and wireless communications with for example bluetooth and biometric fingerprint as successful sources of inspiration. In order to keep the edge and being at the frontier of innovative technology development, collaboration between industry and academia could act as lever for business development as well as successful research. LU Innovation System invite your company to the meeting platform AIMday® Wireless in Lund on Thursday 15th May at the Old Bishop’s House.

AIMday offers a unique opportunity for academic scientists and companies to interact and exchange knowledge and experiences. By matching companies‘ need for new knowledge with academic expertise, AIMday brings new perspectives to actual problems presented by companies and/or organisations. AIMday is centred on small group discussions with the signum format of a question, an hour, a group of experts. This could render useful contacts, collaborations, and new paths to solutions to companies’ questions.

AIMday events have proved a winning concept where attendees gain insights and knowledge. Surveys prove the uniqueness and effectiveness of the AIMday format as well as the fact that it leaves both company representatives and academic scientists satisfied with their participation. It’s exact. It’s exciting. It’s AIMday.