How AIMday works

One question. One hour. One group with broad competence.

AIMday offers an informal, personal and efficient format to make contacts, exchange knowledge and generate ideas for projects. Here, Sami organizations, companies, entrepreneurs, older Sami and other bearers of knowledge set the agenda by formulating questions related to sustainable development in Sápmi.

Each question is discussed during a one-hour session in a group of 15 people at most, consisting of researchers from various disciplines and representatives from the organisation that formulated the question. In order for AIMday to be fruitful for all participants, we work in several stages, starting a few months ahead of the meeting.

Stage 1: Representatives of Sami organisations, companies, or knowledgeable Sami individuals ask questions

We welcome individuals who are active within a Sami organisation, an entity or a company, to register a question connected to the challenges which you are seeing in relation to sustainable development in Sápmi and which you wish to work on strategically, a few months prior to AIMday. Feel free to discuss among yourselves to formulate your question. You may also formulate a question individually or jointly with other organisations. Registering a question is an entrance ticket for those who wish to participate and discuss the question. Questions can be registered up to December10.

Stage 2: Researchers register an interest in questions

The questions received are collected and presented to researchers in various disciplines. The researcher registration starts on December 16. As a researcher, you can register for the questions you would like to discuss. By registering for at least one question, you get an entrance ticket. Normally, we encourage organisations to participate in each other’s workshops, both to obtain a different perspective of the problem and an opportunity to discuss various issues together. However, it is up to the persons who formulate the questions to decide whether or not others may participate.

Stage 3: We match questions and researchers in small groups

Based on the interest in the questions received, we form a group of researchers for each question. The purpose of the timetable is to make the day as efficient and rewarding as possible for all participants, while ensuring that the discussion groups are interdisciplinary.

If there is an insufficient number of researchers registering for a question, we will try to actively find suitable researchers. Alternatively, we will investigate, in a dialogue with the person who formulated the question, whether it is possible to reformulate the question to better match the competence available.

In the event that neither alternative is successful, we will inform the person who formulated the question. At least one week before AIMday, individual timetables will be sent to all participants.

Stage 4: The day of the meeting

Every question is discussed for one hour, no more – no less, in a group of around five to fifteen persons. There is time allocated in the programme for participants to mingle and to follow up on the discussions in the groups. It’s fine if you can only attend the hour when your question is discussed.

Stage 5: Review and support

A few weeks after AIMday we review the day, to get projects or other forms of collaboration started, and consider financing opportunities.