Creating your question

Questions that are concrete, clear (no abbreviations) and that could be discussed without secrecy works best for the AIMday format.  It is also preferable that at least two company representatives join a discussion around the questions in order for a better balance in the workshops.

Here are some examples of questions that were submitted by companies for a previous AIMday Materials event:

Q: Is it possible to develop cost effective thin polymer films with cheap fillers like for instance wood powder, see WPC (Wood Plastic Composites)?

Q: What mechanisms cause relaxation/creep in porous materials, i.e. cellulose based materials, at different mechanical loads.  How can you influence these mechanisms?

Q: Are there materials and methods to separate small particles, bacteria and viruses from a gas flow?

Q: Is it possible to predict how forging and rolling affect re-crystallisation in steel?

If you require some assistance to formulate your question please do not hesitate to contact us.