What AIMday Materials offers

AIMday Materials is a unique opportunity for academic scientists and companies to make contacts and exchange knowledge in the field of materials science

  • Participate in workshops focused on the companies’ actual needs for new knowledge and partnerships.
  • Meet expertise from some of Europe’s leading centres for materials science.
  • Meet leading companies with an interest in the field of materials science.

Representatives from Companies

  • Meet academic scientists who can contribute in the process of solving your materials related problems.
  • Learn about methods of analysis, process and calculation and other resources and tools available at the universities.
  • Gain access to national and international networks of highly qualified scientists.
  • Meet doctoral candidates who may be your future employees.

Scientists from academia

  • Meet leading companies and learn about their actual need for new knowledge and competence in the materials area.
  • Discuss how your unique and specific understanding could bring about collaborations in various forms.
  • Make contacts within the industry that might lead to future projects or employment.
  • Meet other scientists across universities and institutes.