Welcome to AIMday Nano 2017

We welcome you to the first AIMday Nano in Uppsala, September 26-27 2017!

Nanotechnology is a field of science that seeks to design, characterize, produce and control materials, structures and devices on the nanometer scale. New applications in many fields are emerging due to the special properties of matter that occur at the nanoscale.

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The first AIMday specially dedicated to Nanotechnology will be held in Uppsala on September 26-27. AIMday Nano 2017 will follow the annual Nanoforum 2017 that is held in Uppsala on September 25-26 2017. Read more about NanoForum 2017 here. AIMday Nano 2017 is arranged jointly by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, ProNano and SwedNanoTech in conjunction with NanoForum 2017 to exploit the opportunity of the presence of the Nordic Nanocommunity in Uppsala. The AIMday Nano 2017 will consist of two parts. On the afternoon of September 26 a seminar giving an overview of the nano area but also introducing the AIMday concept will be held. On the following day September 27 AIMday Nano 2017 will be held where industry meets researchers to jointly exploit the opportunities offered by Nanotechnology.

The last 10 years have seen the beginnings of the applications of nanotechnology in commercial products.  Examples include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide nanoparticles in sunscreen, cosmetics and some food products; silver nanoparticles in food packaging, clothing, disinfectants and household appliances; carbon nanotubes for stain-resistant textiles; and cerium oxide as a fuel catalyst.  Nanotechnology is also being used to help treat disease and prevent health issues and being applied to a variety of industrial and purification processes.

The global nanotechnology market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 17.5% during 2016-2022 which provides huge opportunities for industry.

The first AIMday Nano is now being arranged to bring academic researchers and industrial representatives together in the field of nanotechnology to explore collaboration for industrial applications.

Registration for companies is open and will close on 30 June.

Registration for academic scientists will open 3 July and close on 1 September.

Registration for all participants is free of charge.

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AIMday Nano is arranged by RISE, SwedNanoTech och ProNano

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