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AIMday Big Science Technology

1 February 2024

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AIMday Big Science Technology

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Welcome to this AIMday, Day 2 of the Big Science Sweden Forum 2024. It will be held at the same venue, the City Hall in Lund.

‘One question, one hour’ workshops where representatives from Swedish industry and academia hold discussions with Big Science research facilities on possible solutions to their current and future challenges in various fields of technology.

Submit questions

Big Science research facilities identify their challenges Ahead of the event, the research facilities identify the challenges they are facing in a number of categories, and submit them in the form of questions to Big Science Sweden. We then put together teams with the relevant expertise for each category to discuss the challenges in ‘one question, one hour’ workshops and come up with solutions.

What makes an AIMday truly special? The format of the meeting

An AIMday is an exchange of knowledge and ideas focused on finding novel approaches to real-world challenges. The idea is that a broad mix of academics and representatives from high-tech companies can offer different perspectives and propose surprising new avenues to solving problems. This promotes continued cooperation between Big Science organisations and Swedish industry and academia.

Financing of pre-studies

Big Science Sweden has access to special funding from Swedish universities that can be used for pre-studies. Involvement in studies and projects often leads to further collaborations and business.

Previous AIMday discussions have led to some interesting pre-studies:
Robotic arm in carbon fibre •  SMES – Energy storage • CO2-cooling down to -53°C • Developing a Swedish cluster for super-conducting magnets • Drones in harsh environments