Expertise in HealthTech

Together, University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University boast comprehensive expertise within engineering and data science and their applications in medicine and health. Joined by CPI and the Medical Device Manufacturing Centre we further represent expertise on how to take new ideas and discoveries into products and solutions that are approved and ready for application. The expertise spans most if not all of the following relevant topics in HealthTech:

  • Medical Devices
  • Diagnostics
  • Digital Health and Data
  • Design and Manufacture

The University of Edinburgh is also a complete university with complementary expertise in medicine and clinical sciences, care, and social science.

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Medical devices

The expertise in medical devices is comprehensive encompassing devices for diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and monitoring, including wearable technologies, robotics, and assistive technologies. This expertise is underpinned by leading research in biomedical engineering, biomaterials, and engineering biology, and by digital wireless and information technologies.


The expertise in diagnostic technologies spans a broad spectrum of capabilities including in vitro diagnostics as well as medical imaging and signal and image analysis. Together the organisers offer broad expertise in sensors and biosensors operating at different wavelengths. There is also expertise in combined medical and diagnostic point of care detection and therapeutics devices.

Digital health and data

Edinburgh is a leading centre for data and informatics and the applications in health include biomedical AI, health informatics and analytics, and AI-powered signal and image analysis. These tools can be leveraged on multiple levels from diagnosis and treatment to development of new therapies and the organisation of care. All organising partners also offer expertise on the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and the underpinning technologies of 5G and wireless data transfer and power.

Design and manufacture

With the engagement of CPI and the Medical Device Manufacturing Centre we offer expertise on all steps from research to market. The manufacturing and processing expertise covers various capabilities in manufacturing of electronics, reagents, and proteins, and in additive manufacturing, printing technologies and laser processing. The expertise also covers design and human-machine interaction with electronic and mechanical systems as well as regulatory approval and sustainability considerations.