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Welcome to AIMday Quantum Computing 2024

AIMday Quantum Computing 2024brings industry-led challenges in quantum computing to a network of academic experts across the QCA Cluster. It will take place in-person in Edinburgh on Monday, 15 April 2024. This event is part of Quantum Week; an interactive week-long festival of events in Quantum Computing hosted in Edinburgh. Our event builds on the success of AIMday Quantum Computing 2023.

AIMday® (Academic Industry Meeting day) is a successful format for industry and academic workshops. Industry are invited to submit ‘questions‘ in the area of quantum computing. The questions are published online and we begin the matchmaking process with our network of scientists, researchers, and students. On the day of the event, all participants come together for a one-hour workshop to explore potential solutions and ways of working together. Workshops are open to all participants of the AIMday, to facilitate interactions between companies, public sector, and academia. Each workshop is facilitated by a chair from the QCA Cluster, to ensure the event is a valuable experience for all participants. More information about the AIMday Concept. 

What ‘questions’ are we exploring?

Applications of quantum computers are fast becoming a reality across industries such as finance to improve portfolio optimisation, in pharmaceuticals to accelerate drug discovery, in materials sciences to better analyse molecules, and in general, improving methods of encryption and accelerating data processing for machine learning models. However, these applications can take a number of years to develop and often require vast expertise in hardware, software, and domain knowledge.

The focus for each ‘question’ at the AIMday Quantum Computing 2024 is to explore how we can ‘enhance, deploy, and scale’ early-stage applications of quantum computers. We invite ‘questions’ from hardware and software companies who are actively developing and delivering applications to end-users, focused on how we can help with improving algorithms, deploying on near-term hardware, simulation of applications on HPC, and scalability of applications to other problem-sets. We invite ‘questions’ from particular end-users who have challenges in optimisation, simulation, machine learning, or simulation, who may benefit from the expertise of QCA Cluster’s academic and commercial network.

If you have a ‘question’ in mind, but aren’t sure, please contact us on

About QCA Cluster

The Quantum Computing Application (QCA) Cluster brings together the world-class expertise across quantum hardware and software at the University of Strathclyde, University of Edinburgh, and University of Glasgow:

  • Quantum Computing Hardware:
    • Neutral atom arrays
    • Cold atoms in optical lattices
    • Superconducting circuits
    • Hybrid superconducting-semconductor qubits
  • Software:
    • Simulation
    • Algorithms & optimisation
    • Machine learning
    • Cyber security
    • Programming languages, compilers and circuit optimisation
    • Benchmarking, testing and verification
    • Systems, architectures, and distributed multi-party computation
  • HPC:
    • Supercomputing
    • Integration of HPC resource & quantum computers

QCA Cluster aims to help end-users to understand, identify, and adopt quantum computing applications that may provide benefits over classical computing approaches. QCA Cluster can help manufacturers of quantum hardware or developers of quantum software on research and development projects. With support from Scottish Development International and Scottish Enterprise, we can help overseas businesses on expanding operations in Scotland. QCA Cluster, through host universities, plays an integrated role into the wider UK National Quantum Technologies Programme, National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC), and Quantum Technology Hubs including the Quantum Computing & Simulation Hub hosted at Oxford University.