Assiniboine Community College

    Cassidy e-Care Solutions Inc.
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      How can Artificial intelligence (AI) be used to improve patient experience in healthcare?

      Accessing healthcare services is one of the frustration experience for patients. Not knowing when to access to where to access those service. In Manitoba tools such as myrightcare.ca website are meant to help patients navigate the healthcare system to find the right care in the right place at the right time. WRHA estimates that every month approximately 40% of people who visit a Winnipeg Urgent Care Centre or Emergency Department could receive the health care they need, often sooner, through a family doctor or walk-in clinic. Can AI technology be used to create digital tools that can help patients navigate the healthcare system and improve their customer experience?

    Creative Manitoba
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      I am interested in data visualization – how can data be shared in an interesting and compelling visual manner?

      We are creating a registry of artists and arts organizations / resources in Manitoba and are exploring unique and compelling ways to display the data.

    Critical Ops
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      What processes align partnerships (especially mindsets) with adopting digital innovation?

      Digital innovation presents a bright future and enables partnership. We often see interest from clients, yet adoption with an implementation plan doesn’t convert. Where is the gap, and how do processes support the conversion from “idea” to “adoption?”

    Life Elevated Inc.
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      How can the Manitoba Health Care System increase its rate of adoption of Digital Innovation, while ensuring that its Digital Transformation results in measurable health care improvements and reduced health care costs?

      The Digital Transformation of Health Care Systems in many countries is proceeding at an accelerated rate.

      It is leading to positive impact on the Quadruple Aim of Healthcare: (1) Improved patient outcomes; (2) Better patient experience; (3) Reduced healthcare costs; (4) Improved Health Care Provider experience.

      But the progress within Manitoba’s Health Care System is slow.

    Life Elevated Inc.
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      How can a mental health solution, based on Conversational A.I., be developed that mental health counselors can provide to clients – to help the clients carry out better daily mental health self-management, between counseling sessions – leading to improved client outcomes?

      There are over 100 million people in North America who have significant mental health challenges. Healthcare systems, and society, struggle to find ways to address this huge problem.

      Cognitive Behavior Therapy / talk therapy is one of the leading techniques that mental health counselors use in helping treat people with various mental health challenges.

      But clients are on their own for 99.99% of the time. They need to look after their health between counselor appointments. Specifically, they need to carry out proper daily mental health self-management.

      There are many mental health apps that people can try. The majority of these apps have limited effectiveness. They use text-based interaction.

      Conversational A.I. – the ability of technology to have human-like conversations with people – has growing in effectiveness and popularity in non-health applications. It has the potential to be used as the basis to help people with mental health issues, on a daily basis.


      New Media Manitoba Inc.
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        How will advancements in real-time visualization impact non-entertainment sectors in the next few years?

        Rendering photorealistic images in real time requires accurate simulation of light, modeling the same laws that govern light in the physical world. The most effective approach known so far, path tracing, requires massive computational resources but can deliver spectacular imagery.

        How will advancements in real-time rendering impact industries that are not specifically in entertainment (ie, games, films)


        Tech Manitoba

          West Canitest R&D Inc (WestCaRD)
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            Placeholder Q: who are the University of Manitoba reaseachers that would be interested in projects involving application of AI, cybersecurity, data analytics, machine learning, predictive maintenance, in the aerospace sector?

            I would potentially be interested in participating in discussions on these topics to better understand which researchers are working in these areas, esp in the aerospace, vehicle, environmental & transportation fields. WestCaRD is a facilitator organization and does not conduct manufacturing or research directly. Potential interest in the November 8th event.

          World Trade Centre Winnipeg
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            How can data, analytics and AI be used to advance economic development in Manitoba?

            As an economic development agency, we’d like to better understand how businesses can identify opportunities and how we can measure the impact of our work.

          World Trade Centre Winnipeg