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Healthy and Sustainable Food

27th June 2024

Sheffield Hallam University’s National Centre for Excellence in Food Engineering will host AIMday Healthy and Sustainable Food on 27th June 2024 at Sheffield’s Olympic Legacy Park.

One question, one hour, a group of academic experts: that is the AIMday format!

AIMday Healthy and Sustainable Food
The National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering (NCEFE) is a cutting-edge facility with a vision to be internationally recognised for excellence in sustainable innovations for the global food system.

Since its launch in 2019, the Centre has focused on tackling food industry challenges such as productivity and sustainability through minimising waste and reducing energy use and addressing the health agenda through improved nutritional value of food.  These innovations are essential if the sector is to grow and flourish.

The challenge
A report, carried out in 2023 on behalf of NCEFE, found that food and drink manufacturing in South Yorkshire has grown by 33% over the past seven years, faster than digital, advanced manufacturing, low carbon and health. As productivity for the sector for England is 40%, there is an opportunity for further growth both locally and nationally.

The vision of AIMday Healthy and sustainable food is to build cross-disciplinary collaborations to tackle key sector and governmental priorities such as those outlined by the Food and Drink Federation in 2024: environmental sustainability, food security, economic growth, advanced manufacturing, adoption of new technologies and healthier diets.

We want to deliver applied, company defined, responsive solutions at a scale, proportionate to the product and process innovation needs of enterprises of all sizes and particularly those in the South Yorkshire.

What is AIMday® and how does it work?
AIMday has one objective – to match companies and external organisations seeking new knowledge and solutions with academic expertise.

AIMday (Academic Industry Meeting day) is a successful, proven format based on workshops where challenges submitted by participating companies and external organisations around a central theme are discussed with academics from relevant university disciplines.

It is an innovative networking event that allows external organisations to set the agenda and gain academic perspective into real-world challenges.

AIMday Healthy and sustainable food can provide the opportunity to discuss areas such as:

  • Supply chain resilience
  • Diet and nutrition
  • AI, data and robotics
  • Advanced manufacturing techniques
  • Environment and energy sustainability
  • Health outcomes
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Waste reduction

Important dates:

  • Questions submission & company registration: 4th March  – 19th April 2024 (company registration)
  • Academic and researcher sign-up: 3oth April – 21st May 2024 (academic registration)
  • Meeting Day: 27th June 2024

Contact us:
For more information or for support to develop your AIMday question, please contact: