How registration works


To register for AIMday Sustainability as a company or organisation, you need to submit at least one question – this is your entrance ticket to the event.
The submitted question(s) will be listed on this website.

Submitting one or more questions – we allow up to three questions per company or organisation – provides access to meet academics from the University of Edinburgh who can contribute in the process of solving the challenge set by the question.

Each question you submit will amount to a one-hour workshop discussion providing enough academics register to address that question.


After company registration has concluded, academics will be able to register to participate in AIMday Sustainability.

As an academic, you will be able to indicate in order of priority which of the questions submitted by participating companies or organisations you would like to take part in discussing.

Note that you are not expected to present your research at these workshops; you should sign up for questions that you have an interest in and feel that you can contribute to, based on your individual expertise.

You do not necessarily need to be able to address the full question; the idea behind the AIMday format is for the workshops to be multi-disciplinary and the question to be tackled from several perspectives and angles.


After both registration periods have closed, the organisers produce a schedule for the day based on the questions submitted and the academics registered for each. The schedule aims to optimise participation and efficiency during the day for all attendees.

Your personal schedule will be sent to you a week or two before the event.