BioTEI Inc.
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    How to formulate seed carrier oils for cosmetics and therapeutic applications?

    There is trending use of formulating seed carrier oils for cosmetic and drug delivery applications. We have extracted seed carrier oil that have desirable characteristics that has potential for cosmetic and therapeutic applications. However, further research is warranted to develop technologies that will efficiently use it for industrial applications, and thus we need collaborations with academia to achieve the goals.

Delphi Technology Corp
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    Can we leverage NLP to assist in training and evaluation of skills and competencies required in the manufacturing and maintenance industries?

    In various industries there is a growing lack of manpower as the number of skilled personnel dwindles while demand for such workers continues to grow. For this reason having an effective training program to train a workforce is critical. Various advancements in online training and technology such as Learning Management Systems, virtual reality simulations, and other sources of data enable AI-powered systems to provide new and sophisticated methods to training. We want to explore how conversational training tasks could be used to analyze user responses or detect emotional biases and provide more effective training.

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