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AIMday™ Water 2022

Thursday, November 24

Fast track solutions through organization/academic collaboration

Academic Industry Meeting day, or AIMday™, is an internationally recognized opportunity to tackle questions around a central theme. This highly effective program enables university-based researchers and organizations to connect and bring world-class research to life. By matching an organization’s need for new knowledge with academic expertise, AIMday brings understanding and new perspectives to real-world problems.

Established in 2008 at Uppsala University, Sweden, AIMday has been implemented and refined by leading universities around the world.

Hosted by Toronto Metropolitan University and the Urban Water Research Centre in collaboration with Ontario Water Consortium and Queen’s University, AIMday Water aims to address current challenges that affect water – including urban sprawl and land intensification, increasing consumption and climate change – which have impacted local ecosystems and water infrastructure. This event will offer organizations an unprecedented opportunity to chart new paths and reimagine how to address ongoing water concerns.

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AIMday Water 2022 Registration

  • Free for all participants
  • Organization registration: Open August 1 through October 24, 2022
  • Researcher registration: Open October 27 through November 11, 2022

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Toronto Metropolitan University is located in the heart of Toronto – one of the most dynamic, diverse urban centres in the world – and leverages the energy of its location to foster bold thinking, collaborative partnerships, innovation and entrepreneurship. Our scholarly, research and creative engagement is strengthened by a willingness to cross disciplinary boundaries, break down barriers, build alliances and take risks to advance inquiry, discovery, knowledge and creative works. Incubating local, national and international networks and communities of practice, Toronto Metropolitan researchers are generating and applying knowledge across a broad range of disciplines, fields and professions, and private, public and non-profit sectors.

Urban Water Research Centre is a multidisciplinary consortium of researchers who strive to solve complex urban water challenges through transdisciplinary research, strong external networks and collaborative action. Based at Toronto Metropolitan University, our research teams include researchers and students from across the campus, including six faculties and 13 departments. Our teams focus on the following themes: urban water management and governance, natural systems and green technologies, and freshwater science and governance.

Ontario Water Consortium’s mission is to enable a thriving community of the most ambitious and innovative partners to advance technologies and science, and the enabling of complementary tools, policy and knowledge to address the economic, environmental and social issues which stem from challenges in the urban water cycle.

Queen’s University has a long history of discovery, innovation and building synergies among leading researchers, scholars and innovators to make a real and measured impact. Queen’s researchers have made and continue to make notable advances impacting numerous fields, including applied artificial intelligence and analytics, ecological history and environmental change, clean energy technology, particle astrophysics, business, cancer research and mental health. Queen’s is home to state-of-the-art facilities and interdisciplinary research teams at the Beaty Water Research Centre (BWRC). With 58 faculty members, BWRC is committed to fostering an environment that encourages collaborative research spanning both traditional water-related disciplines, as well as non-traditional and emerging disciplines.

Contact us

For more information, or for support in developing your research question, please contact:

Lisa Leung
Manager, Collaborations, Programs and Initiatives
Toronto Metropolitan University

Shoma Sinha
Partnerships Development Officer
Queen’s University

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