About Industry and Innovation Research Institute


AIMday Green Future is being hosted by the Industry and Innovation Research Institute.


The Industry and Innovation Research Institute (I2Ri) draws on talents, expertise, and facilities from across Sheffield Hallam University. Including over 600 researchers from the departments of Biosciences & Chemistry, Engineering & Mathematics and Computing many of whom are situated in one of four challenge-led research centres with long and distinguished track records of excellence.


Our Vision is to be the leading provider of applied research excellence delivering materials, computing, science, and engineering innovations meeting the development needs of industry.

Our Mission is to provide solutions to key global challenges in the 21st-century, through interdisciplinary collaboration in the region, nationally and internationally with industry, academia, and other key stakeholders.


We are focused on providing solutions to key global challenges, including:

  • secure and sustainable energy supply and management
  • smart, digital, and low carbon technologies driving clean growth
  • security of individuals, institutions and international communities and their environments
  • technologies supporting all stages of an ageing society.


Although this AIMday is being hosted by the Industry and Innovation Research Institute we strongly encourage academic and researcher participation from all four Sheffield Hallam University Research Institutes.