AIMday Concept


The foundation of the AIMday concept is to match questions from industry with relevant research competence. These questions are made the subject for discussions in small, multi-disciplinary groups with one hour per question.


Participation in AIMday is about opening up to new knowledge, perspectives, ideas and contacts for all participating parties. Discussions are open and frank.


AIMday is the simple idea that a new and broad mix of people can provide different perspectives and surprising new avenues to solving problems – and can create favourable conditions for continued cooperation between industry and academia. The concept is a structured process for matching challenges from business with relevant and broad academic expertise.


An AIMday consists of several one-hour workshops where exchange of knowledge on these challenges and problems takes place. Transparency is the basis for meetings within the AIMday concept. All contributions are welcome within the specific theme, but questions need to be phrased in a way that makes clear what exactly the challenge is – and how academics within different fields can contribute their expertise.


The questions and the names of the organisations that submit them are publicly accessible.


Workshops are in general open to other companies and external organisations to observe where relevant, but closed workshops can be requested if required.


Although the core of AIMday workshops comprises concrete issues and questions, the academic researchers are not expected to deliver solutions during the workshop. The meetings should be the starting point for finding the answers together. AIMday is a venue for learning and mutual exchange of knowledge.


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